Seeking Session Proposals for the SCFM 2015 Conference

New Ideas, Big Future: South Carolina Museums on the Move 

South Carolina Federation of Museums Annual Conference
 Florence, SC March 11-13, 2015

Seeking Session Proposals for the SCFM 2015 Conference

This year’s conference will focus on how our museums are moving forward and expanding through new construction, technology, programs and partnerships.

• What new projects are you using at your museum to successfully move into the future? 
• How have you adapted programs to engage visitors?
• How are you reaching new audiences through technology and social media?
• Have you had to problem-solve or address policies due to the changing museum?
• How has your museum changed in the last 5 years? 10 years?

2015 Conference Session Proposal Form 

Tips and Ideas for Presenters: 

• It’s great to share about specific projects that your museum is working on! Take your session up a notch by including take-away concepts and applicable suggestions. 
• Sessions that include interactive or hands-on components are both fun and informative. 
• Some topics suggested on last year’s surveys: 
  o Technology and social media o How to incorporate big ideas at small museums
  o Collaborations 

  o How to survey and evaluate success of programs and the visitor experience
o Working with volunteers
o Engaging schools and specialty groups 
o Sustainability techniques 
o Incorporating interns

• Additional ideas for topics:
o Budgeting and Fundraising 
o Disaster Preparedness
o Curatorial Methods
  o Heritage Tourism
o Exhibition Techniques
o Friends Groups/Boards/Networks
o Marketing & Branding
o Be creative and make your own!

We look forward to hearing your ideas about the evolving museum! Please fill out the attached form and send your proposals to Melissa Jolley at by September 29, 2014.



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