Mysteries at the Museum

Written by Zinnia Willits on March 22nd 2016.


The Mysteries at the Museum session at ‪#‎SCFM2016‬ was a huge success-thanks to those who participated! One of the goals was to package together a handful of great objects and stories to present to the producers of the popular television Travel Channel show Mysteries at the Museum. We’d love to make it worth the show’s while to come back to South Carolina.

To that end, we are asking you to send us your mystery object’s story to us in this format:
1. Describe your object and recount the story in 250 words or less. In your description include the “hook” that makes it a compelling story.
2. Include at least one but not more than three images.
3. Include your contact information and your museum's website.
4. Keep it to two pages.
5. Save in PDF format.
6. Email it to or .

Deadline is May 1, 2016.

Thanks again to all who shared their cool stories and objects!

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