South Carolina Military Museum

The Museum is one of the largest National Guard museums in the country, where our mission is to honor and chronicle the South Carolina citizen soldier and this State's martial tradition from its colonial founding in 1670 to present-day operations worldwide. Featuring an impressive collection of artifacts, displays and exhibits, the Museum tells the story of the South Carolina militia, its evolution into the National Guard, and its important role today as a force multiplier for the United States Army and Air Force.

The South Carolina Military Museum possesses a vast array of authentic firearms, edged weapons, uniforms, artillery pieces, and armored fighting vehicles that literally bring history to life. The Museum also possesses a dedicated staff and numerous volunteers who truly care about sharing the State's military history. When you walk into our doors, you'll be greeted by smiling faces and persons eager to answer your questions.


1225 Bluff Road
Columbia, South Carolina


(803) 806-4440

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