A Message from the 2016 President of SCFM


 Dear SCFM Members,

 I am honored to serve as the SCFM President and I look forward to working with the Executive Committee, Professional      Development Committee, and the membership to ensure that SCFM continues to be a successful, effective, and supportive  organization for all of its members.

 My experience with SCFM began at an annual conference shortly after graduating from the University of South Carolina’s Public  History Program. The first few conferences I attended were so beneficial to me as I was beginning my career in the museum field.  I always enjoyed the camaraderie and how all the ‘seasoned’ professionals welcomed newcomers and were always willing to offer  advice and helpful information. I’m pleased to say that (ahem, all these many years later…) SCFM continues to have a  membership that is willing to lend a hand to others and to participate in meaningful discussions about issues relating to museums.

More recently I was asked to join the SCFM community by my friend and Past President Zinnia Willits. I joined the PDC and served as co-chair for the 2013 conference in Greenwood. After serving as Secretary and First Vice President, I am looking forward to serving as President.

Past SCFM Presidents have set the bar high – we are fortunate to have had some great leadership in this organization. Dedicated and innovative professionals have volunteered their time to serve this organization and our museum community is stronger thanks to their efforts. In the near future, our PDC and Executive Committee will support our past successful projects like the White Gloves Gang. We will also continue to offer professional development opportunities and have an active role in advocacy for museums nationally and statewide.

At the 2016 annual conference a group of SCFM members discussed what the definition of a “museum” is. The spirited conversation brought many issues to the forefront. Does a museum have to keep a collection? How do children’s museums fit in? What about botanical gardens? Is interpretation and sharing of information the critical role of a museum, or is it protecting our history and culture? As museums continue to adapt and change, where do we fit into the bigger community? All of these questions are worth investigating further. I welcome hearing from our membership about how you define a museum. Let’s continue this conversation on facebook, or in a blog entry, or in person at workshops and meetings.

If you find yourself on beautiful Hilton Head Island, please do stop and see me at the Coastal Discovery Museum. Thank you again for the opportunity to serve as your President for this term.

Natalie Hefter
SCFM President

843-689-6767, ext. 225

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