Summerville-Dorchester Museum

The Summerville-Dorchester Museum promotes understanding and appreciation of our region and heritage through guided tours of the museum, lectures, demonstrations, exhibits  and research.

Our visitors increasingly include new residents as well as those from distant states, both of whom are amazed to learn that Summerville was once underneath the ocean, and that a wooly mammoth and camels roamed nearby. 

The exhibits range from prehistoric megalodon teeth to America’s first mancave, from Kusso-Natchez Indians to the first tea farm, and end with stories of local legendary folks who made a huge difference.

We house a small research collection of county-related books, maps and documents. 

Local black and Indian artwork, train lore, and military artifacts are among the treasures we hope to increase.  We hope you will come and spend some time with us soon.


100 East Doty Avenue, PO Box 1873
Summerville, South Carolina



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